FIVC Triple Duty Valve (Ductile Iron – PN 25 – Angle – EN 1092-2)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Body: Ductile Iron

• Bonnet: Ductile Iron

• Disc: Grey Cast Iron+EPDM

• Stem: Stainless Steel

• Handwheel: Carbon Steel

• USP: 3-in-1: Functions as a silent check valve, regulating valve, and shut-off valve.

Integrated positioning indicator

• Pressure test standard: BS EN 12266-1

• Dimensions: Flanges acc. to EN 1092-2

Field of applications

• Temperature range: -20 to 120 °C

• Max. working pressure: 25 bar



FIVC Triple Duty Valve is designed in an angle- or straight form to control the pump in an open water supplying system or closed cycling system.

The valve acts as a controller, non-return valve, and a shut-off valve.

It can replace a variable balancing valve, butterfly valve, and check valve, providing the same efficiency.

The benefit of using the FIVC Triple Duty Valve is its performance of three separate valves, ensuring economical savings, along with space savings due to its compact design.


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