FlowCon FIT DN15-250 (1/2″-10″)

State-of-the-art pressure independent balancing and temperature control (PITCV)
Cost savings due to optimized energy consumption, improved efficiency and ΔT control
Simple monitoring via Bluetooth® or analog to BMS
Communicates to FlowCon App (iOS or Android)
All in one system including PICV, Intelligent Interface and sensor kit
State-of-the-art user-friendly programmable display actuator on PICV
SM actuators: electrical 2-10V modulating, optional failsafe and optional BACnet
Adjustable to minimum 51 different maximum flow rate limits
Intelligent Interface with integrated BTU meter and flow meter
Sensor kit including 2 temperature sensors and 2 pressure sensors
DN15-40: Forged brass PICV housing and stainless steel sensors
DN50-250: Ductile iron PICV housing and stainless steel sensors
DN15-40: PICV with double union end connection
DN50-250; PICV with universal flange connection
Pressure rate:
DN15-40: PN25
DN50-250: PN40

DN15-250 (1/2″-10″)

30-800 kPaD (4.4-116 psid)

Flow rate:
0.176-76.8 l/sec (2.78-1220 GPM)


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