FIVC Swing Check Valve (Brass – PN 16 – Screwed Cap – ISO 228)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Body: DN 15-25: Brass CW614N

DN 32-50: Brass CB753S

• Cap: Brass CW617N

• Disc: Brass CW617N

• O-Ring: NBR

• Opening pressure: 0.05 bar

• Compatible fluids: Water for heating systems,

domestic hot water, water containing glycol (max. 30 % glycol)

• USP: Cost- and maintenaince efficient

Field of applications

• Temperature range: 5 to 95 °C

(110 °C for occasional peaks)

• Max. working pressure: 16 bar



FIVC Swing Check Valve is designed as a single-direction device, which eliminates the return of pressurized fluid.


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