FIVC Ball Valve (Brass – PN 35/28 – Full Port – ISO 228)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Body: Brass CW617N

• Stem: Brass CW614N

• Ball: Brass CW617N

• Lever handle: Stainless Steel

• USP: Compact settlement


Suitable for plumbing systems

Field of applications

• Temperature range: -20 to 20 °C -20 °C

(with 50% glycol)

• Max. working pressure: DN 15-20: 35 bar at 20 °C

DN 25-50: 28 bar at 20 °C

• with liquid hydrocarbon: 12 bar at 20 °C

• Max. operating pressure (MOP) with gas: 5 bar

• Max. working conditions with dry saturated steam:

185 °C at 10.5 bar



FIVC Ball Valve is designed as a quater-turn, full port valve to be installed in pipelines for isolating purposes.

Benefits of using ball valves include among others their durability and reliability.

Further, the full port functionality ensures lowered fricton loss in the pipeline. Besides, the ball valve ensures cost- and maintenance efficiency due to its long life span and performance.


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