FIVC Foot Valve (Brass – PN 10 – ISO 228)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Body: Brass CW614N

• Gasket: Fiber

• Cover: Brass CW614N

• Disc: Brass CW614N

• Disc face: NBR

• USP: Works for Water, Oil, and Gas.

Field of applications

• Max. temperature: 110 °C

• Max. working pressure: 10 bar



FIVC Foot Valve is designed as a type of check valve with a strainer e.g. used when water needs to be extracted from an underground well.

The foot valve eliminates the return of pressurized fluid and collects, as well as prevents solid impurities from entering the water pump.

Benefits of using the foot valve include its protection to the most sensitive plant component, the pump, as well as eliminating wastage of energy.


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