FIVC Flexible Hose (EPDM – PN 6/10/15/30 – Stainless Steel Braiding)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Body Inner hose: FFL: EPDM

FFH: EPDM + Kevlar® or Rayon

• Braiding: Stainless Steel

• Fittings: Fp – Brass CW614N/CW617N and Steel

• Sleeves: Stainless and Aluminium

• Bending radius: FFL: 45-220 mm

FFH: 90-130 mm

Field of applications

• Temperature range: -5 to 90 °C

(peaks allowed up to 100 °C for FFH_L)

• Max. working pressure: FFL: 15-6 bar

FFH: 30-15 bar

• Temperature of passing: 85 °C

• Installation room temp.: 65 °C

(for Low pressure series)



FIVC Flexible Hose is designed as an anti-vibration hose for the connection between water supply networks, boilers, burners, steam plants etc., in which high pressure and high temperatures are required.


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