FIVC Automatic Air Vent (Brass – PN 7 – Single Action – ISO 228)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Body: Brass CW617N

• Disc spring: Stainless Steel

• O-Ring: EPDM • Internal float: PP-H

• Stem: Brass CW614N

• Handle: PTFE

• USP: Single action; Releases accumulated air. Compact settlement

Field of applications

• Temperature range: 5 to 120 °C

• Max. working pressure: 14 bar

• Max. pressure of airvent operation: 7 bar

• Compatible fluids: Water and glycol solutions

(Max. 50 % concentration of glycol)



FIVC Automatic Air Vent is designed as a single-, double-, or/and a triple action valve with an orifice to release volumes of air when the line is under pressure, to discharge volumes of air during the filling, and/or to admit air into the system during system drainage, valve or pump shut-off or at water column separation, all depending on valve selection.

The benefits of using the FIVC Air Vent are its contribution to an efficient flow since air pockets lead to restrictions of the flow, hence unnecessary head loss and sometimes also flow stop. Air pockets do also lead to water hammers that can damage equipment including other valves in the pipeline.


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