Tobolsk Airport, Tyumen Oblast, Siberia, Russia

New infrastructural hub in the heart of Siberia will provide easy access to the Tyumen region and for the local businesses and population easy access to the world.
The new Tobolsk Airport, located 30 km south of Tobolsk city, opened end of September 2021 and regular air trafic started mid October same year. During fall of 2020 runways, taxiways and navigation, lighting and meteorological systems were completed and now the 5000 m2 terminal building and other administration and service buildings are ready. The inauguration of Tobolsk Airport will without doubt increase the tourist and investment attractiveness of the city, benefit the regional businesses, and improve the quality of life of the population of both city and region.

Considering the world trend of aviation traffic increase, the terminal design includes the possibility for further extension. The current layout is designed to handle 1.3 mill. passengers per year. So even though it is a small airport, it ensures great opportunities for future city development. It will also close a demand gap as the closest airport before Tobolsk Airport is more than 250 km away.


FlowCon has supplied all valves for the radiator system incl. differential pressure control valves, zone valves and measuring points. This will help optimize indoor temperature benefiting both air travelers and airport employees. At the same time heating energy is maintained at a minimum and the risk of noise from surplus pressure in the radiator thermostats is eliminated – 9 months of the year will have average day temperature below 10°C so proper control of the heating system is essential. This is in all ways a project to be environmentally proud of – as we say at FlowCon: Your Environment is Our Commitment.

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