FIVC Suction Diffuser (Ductile Iron – PN 25 – EN 1092-2)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Body: Ductile Iron

• Cover: Ductile Iron

• Mesh screen: Stainless Steel

• Woven mesh: Stainless Steel

• Sealing part: EPDM

• USP: 3-in-1: Functions as an elbow, in-line strainer, and a rectifying valve

Integrated positioning indicator

• Nominal diameter: 50×40-500×500

• Pressure Test Standard: BS EN 12266-1

• Dimension: Flange acc. to EN 1092-2

Field of applications

• Temperature range: -20 to 120 °C

• Max. working pressure: 25 bar



FIVC Suction Diffuser is designed to reduce velocity and increase the static pressure in HVAC system pumping stations providing multiple of functionalities.

The valve acts and can replace an elbow, in-line strainer, variable diameter, and a rectifying valve.

Besides, the valve eliminates cavitation and impurities from damaging the water pump impeller, and prolong the service life of pump.


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