FIVC Pressure Reducing Valve (Brass – PN 25 – ISO 228)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Body: Brass CW617N

• Gasket: EPDM

• Piston: Techno Polymer+ Glass fibre

• Seat: Stainless Steel

• Sound class: ll – Lap [sB (A)] <30

• Standard: EN 1567

Field of applications

• Temperature range: 0 to 130 °C (no freezing)

• Max. working pressure: 25 bar

• Outlet pressure regulation: 1 to 5.5 bar

• Outlet pressure factory set: 3 bar

• Compatible fluids: Water and glycol solutions

(max. 50% concentration of glycol). Compressed air (except DN 50)


FIVC Pressure Reducing Valve is an automatic valve that reduces and stabilizes the pressure of a fluid in a water distribution conduit according to a present value.

The use of this hydraulic device is necessary in case the maximum possible pressure at any point in the water distribution system can reach or exceed the relative maximum allowable working pressure, or if connectable to apparatus and equipment that function exclusively at lower levels of pressure.


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