FIVC Gate Valve (Ductile Iron – PN 25 – Non Rising Stem – WRAS – EN 1092-2)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Body: Ductile Iron

• Bonnet: Ductile Iron

• Wedge: Ductile Iron+EPDM

• Stem: Stainless Steel

• Handwheel: Ductile Iron

• Coating: Epoxy powder 0.2-0.3 mm thickness

• USP: WRAS approval

Ensures durability

Coated inside and outside the valve

• Design: EN 558-1-1995

• Dimensions: Face-to-Face acc. to BS 5163

Field of applications

• Temperature range: -10 to 85°C

• Max. working pressure: 25 bar



FIVC Gate Valve is designed to be installed in pipelines only for isolating purposes.

Benefits of using gate valves include the feature of good closing along with the minimum pressure loss.

Furthermore, the functionality of the valve prevents the water hammer phenomenon and is used for all types of applications – suitable for both above-ground and underground installation.


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