FIVC Expansion Joint (EPDM – PN 25 – Single Sphere Union – EN 1092-2)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Rubber: EPDM

• Carcass: Nylon Cord Fabric

• Reinforcing wire: Carbon Steel

• Flange: Carbon Steel (Zinc plated to BS 4504 PN 16)

• USP:

Efficient in noise reduction due to effective multi-sphere structure incl. the vibration absorption.

Suitable for a wide of high- and low-temperature applications.

Field of applications

• Temperature range: EPDM: -15 to 115 °C

• Max. working pressure: 25 bar

• Max. bursting pressure: 60 bar

• Vacuum rating: 750 mmHg



FIVC Expansion Joint with single- or double-sphere union is designed to be installed into pipelines for the purpose to avoid damage caused by stretching, compressing, deflecting, or displacing of pipes.

The FIVC Expansion Joint ensures good vibration absorption and an efficient noise reduction. It ensures a high working pressure as well as anti-burst and good elasticity.

FIVC Expansion Joint is suitable for a wide range of applications depending on the requested rubber material.


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