FIVC Bimetal Thermometer (Plastic and Copper Alloy – -30-50 Co – Thermowell ISO 228 – Bimetal – EN 13190)

Technical data

Main features and materials

• Case: Plastic

• Stem: Aluminium

• Process connection: Thermowell in Copper Alloy

• Thermowell: ISO 228 in DN 15. Different sizes. Removable, friction fit

• Pointer: Plastic

• Dial: Plastic w/Pointer

• Window: Plastic

Nominal size for DN 63: PS

Nominal size for DN 80, 100: SAN

• Connection location: Back mount, center

• Working scale: Full-scale value

• Accuracy class: Indication accuracy class 2 EN 13190 • USP: Reliable and cost-effective

Nominal size: 63, 80, and 100

Thermowell included

• Zero adjustments: At the bottom of the stem

Field of applications


• Temperature range: -30 to 50 °C

• Max. working pressure: 6 bar with thermowell



FIVC Bimetal Thermometer is designed as a bimetal type device to be installed in applications for temperature-measurement purposes.

The device is delivered with a thermowell that can operate with an operating pressure of up to 6 bar.

The benefits of using the thermometer include its quick and accurate readings of the temperature in the application.

Furthermore, the device is manufactured to tolerate class 2 in accordance with EN 13190 and thus offers the required indication accuracy for hearing technology.

Besides, the thermometer is simple and easy to be installed and has a modular design enabling a multitude of combinations of case materials, nominal sizes, scale ranges, and stem lengths.


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