New Terminal at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, China

A distinct wave shape characterizes the new terminal, T4. With the project’s particular focus on user comfort, system flexibility and energy efficiency, FlowCon was the right choice.
Just west of the Xiaoshan urban district in the regional city of Hangzhou, the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is located. With the completion of the 3rd phase the airport includes a brand-new terminal building T4, a large transportation center and several new hotels. With the extension the airport will now be able to handle a passenger increase from 30 million to up to 90 million per year. This consolidates the airport’s position in the top ten of biggest airports in China. The airport is ready for the coming Asian Games later in 2022 hosted in Hangzhou.

T4 design was limited to a dictated area of maximum 1000 meters in length and maximum 200 meters in depth. Despite the strict boarders, the new terminal building is huge (4 floors totaling 720.000 m2) and is recognizable and welcoming with its ‘wave’ design. T4 is double in size compared with T1, T2 and T3 together. To accommodate nature and light, T4 includes four green areas with large skylights and filled with local trees. These green zones are providing moments of light and serenity in an otherwise busy travel environment.


FlowCon has supplied all PICVs and DPCVs and Temperature Control Valves to the terminal building used on FCUs and AHUs. One of the reasons for choosing the FlowCon products is the unique SM-actuators on the flanged PICVs. Here you can configure the valve and read valve performance directly on the actuator, a function which made hydraulic commissioning easy, despite the physical size of the HVAC system. Using FlowCon valves also allow for straightforward system expansion or modification if required in the future. And with the use of pressure independent valve solutions at the coils and controlled pressure distribution between system zones, running costs are kept at a minimum. The customer’s realization of the lower total cost of ownership when using FlowCon solutions, made the choice straightforward.

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