FlowCon SM DN50-250 (2"-10")

  • FlowCon SM DN50-250 (2"-10")

FlowCon SM DN50-250 (2"-10")

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New state-of-the-art user friendly actuator.

Dynamic self-balancing modulating control valve.

Total authority, pressure independent.

Adjustable to 51 different maximum flow rate limits.

Ductile iron housing.

Display including various actuator information and current flow rate.

Optional fail safe function.

Optional BACnet version.

Optional pressure/temperature plugs.

Universal flange connections.

FlowCon Weather Box available - high protection for FlowCon SM actuator



50-250mm (2"-10").


30-600 kPaD (4.5-87 psid).

Flow rate:

1.48-76.8 l/sec (23.4-1220 GPM). 

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