FlowCon EVC

  • FlowCon EVC

FlowCon EVC

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ON/OFF or analog 0-10V temperature control.

Choice of accessible composite insert;
standard composite insert internally adjustable to one of 8 different flow rates or
E-JUST insert externally adjustable to one of 41 different flow rates.

Forged brass housing.

Optional pressure/temperature plugs.

Range of union end connections available on inlet.

Female threaded on outlet.


15mm and 20mm (½" and ¾") (outlet).


Composite insert: 15-400 kPaD (2.2-58 psid).
E-JUST insert: 17-400 kPaD (2.5-58 psid).

Flow rate:

Composite insert: 0.0081-0.408 l/sec (0.128-6.46 GPM).
E-JUST insert: 0.0278-0.352 l/sec (0.44-5.57 GPM).

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